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Raise your hand if you’ve been know to procrastinate every now and then.  No?  Maybe later, right?  Well truth be told I am at the very least, a part-time procrastinator.  For all you other busy procrastinators of the world, this week I am thinking of you…

You know when you have something that needs to get done, but you just never make the time to get around to it?  A job that continually looms over you, overwhelms you but you put it off because of how much you dreaded doing it?  I have a few I can think of…but that’s a story for another day!!  Then, when you finally get down to your dreaded job you think “That wasn’t so bad.  Why did I put it off so long?”.  Of course you have!

Then there are those jobs that you’ve been avoiding that turn out to be exactly what you though they would be…awful!  Well that’s more like how I felt about cleaning my windows.

I knew they were dirty, truth be told I’m sure it’s been a couple of years since they had a good cleaning.  But to clean them all…inside and out…that seemed like such a big job to tackle.  But thanks to some professional help from R&R Maintenance on the exterior, I finally got it done!  They look great and definitely qualify as my major accomplishment of the week. 

This week was a full one for sure, with the kids out of school there is a lot going on around our house.  Trying to keep them all busy and the bickering to a minimum is a challenge, especially while you’re still trying to enjoy the hot weather.  Here’s some of what we were up to this week.

(A beautiful day with the kiddos at Heritage Park)

(Another hot summer day, this one we spent at the spray park.  It was heaven!)

(Amazing morning on the golf course with the kiddos.  They are getting to be pretty decent little golfers)

(Finally able to harvest a few plant babies from our little garden.  My busy little helpers tasted and sampled all along the way)

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