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Fall Decor Ideas and Easy DIY

Admittedly, I am a bit late to the fall decor party.  I’m not one to usually get caught up in the trappings of seasonal decorating…except at Christmas cause Christmas is awesome!  I generally prefer things to be neat and tidy and streamlined…pretty much all the time.  I don’t like all the clutter that seasonal decor brings with it.  This week, however, I’m not sure what has come over me.  I just can’t get enough of the cute, farmhouse fall decor that I seem to see everywhere.  I mean check out some of these cute ideas…

fall decor ideas

via Stone Gable

I think it’s the combination of the soft whites and metallics with the warmer wood elements.  It’s a more polished spin on the usual colourful festive essentials.

fall decor ideas

via Slightly Coastal

Maybe it was the heart breaking first snowfall from earlier in the week or it could be the fact that Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  Something has got the creative juices flowing though.

The Inspiration

fall decor ideas

via Wolf and Stag

fall decor ideas

via Celebrate Mag

Now I love a good DIY as much as the next person.  But if I’m being totally honest, my skills can rarely keep up to my ambitions.  So thanks to a quick search to easy fall DIYs on Pinterest, I came up with a plan I thought I could tackle.

The Plan

Thanks to some great inspiration photos, I remembered a few helpful things that were tucked away around the house.  Then I made a quick trip to my design triple threat: Home Sense, Home Depot and the Dollar Store.  I finished up the afternoon by rummaged through some cupboards and linens and voila!  I had amassed a pile of random goodies with some fall decorating potential.

fall decor ideas

The Prep

So time to get down to it!  With a reprieve in the weather allowing me to make use of some garage space, I set up my little work station to test out my newly purchased cans of chalk spray paint.  I was super excited to try it, I love the matte pastel finish it promises.

fall decor

If this works out I will probably go crazy on other things around the house and we will have chalky pastel everything! Haha.  A can of spray paint or a glue gun is right up my alley on the DIY scale of difficulty.  Anything more challenging is definitely a two person job in our house and requires recruiting hubbie’s handyman skills.

fall decor ideas

The Project

So step one was to paint the cute little pumpkins.  I opted for artificial ones hoping that if this works out, I will be able to keep them and re-use them again next year.  I love the variety of colours in my inspiration photo, but in the end stuck with neutrals…story of my life, theme of my designs!

fall decor ideas

Thankfully before I started I had a minor stroke of genius.  I give credit to my impatience as I didn’t want to wait for them to dry repeatedly before moving them!  I had some extra bamboo skewers and used those to hold the pumpkins while painting.  The skewers together with some coffee mugs, also held the pumpkins in the air to dry to a flawless finish.  They did leave a small hole in the bottom of each, but I was easily able to hide them when playing with the final arrangement.  Definitely worth the time savings!

fall decor ideas

The Results

Once the little pumpkin cuties were painted, I clean up my make-shift spray booth in the garage and headed inside.  I spread out all of my bits and pieces and just played around until I found an arrangement that worked.  One of the things that I was most excited about using were the LED string lights.  That was until I realized that I bought blue ones instead of clear…oops!  Scrap that idea!

fall decor ideas

The last thing to decide was where to put my beautiful new fall display.  We have a casual eating area off our kitchen, but we have a formal dining room as well.  The formal dining room would allow me to set it up and leave it undisturbed, a definite plus. But then I felt like I wouldn’t really get to see and enjoy the fruits of my labour.

fall decor ideas

In the end I opted for our everyday dining space.  I decided we will just work around it for the next little while.  It’s really only here for a short time anyways.

fall decor ideas

Besides, it will either be no big deal and I will go even bigger and better next year.  Or it will annoy the heck out of me and I will revert back to my Christmas only seasonal decor, lol.  Only time will tell.

fall decor ideas

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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