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Designer Tips for a Frameless Glass Shower

When designing a master bathroom, one of the major features to consider is the shower area.  The options that are available for your shower can vary considerably depending on the available bathroom space, layout and budget.  One of the most enduring and stylish bathroom trends for showers is without a doubt, the frameless glass shower enclosure.

glass shower
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There’s no disputing the finished look of a glass shower.  The installation of a glass shower elevates the bathroom design and adds a modern, sophisticated look to the decor.  Although they are definitely beautiful, glass showers can be a little pricey.  Are they worth it?

As a designer, I’ve seen my fair share of showers…the good, the bad and the ugly.  With that in mind, I really didn’t want to fall short in my own renovation project.  After weighing our options, we have chosen to go ahead with a glass shower enclosure for our ensuite renovation.  In fact, the glass shower company was just here this morning to do a site measure in the bathroom!

glass shower
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For us, part of the benefit of selecting a glass shower is the array of details that you can customize during its design.  Since a glass shower can be a pretty sizable investment for homeowners, you definitely want to make sure you get it right.  Here are some hints and tips to consider when planning your glass shower.

Glass Shower Details

1. Size and Layout

Once you have determined your bathroom layout, you can position your shower in its optimal location.  Glass showers can be one, two or three glass walls depending on its design.  You can also customize your layout to include half walls (or stub walls) as required.  The glass shower company will review your design and do a physical site measure to ensure that your layout is suitable.

glass shower
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2. Glass Thickness

Frameless glass enclosures are 10mm thick.  This is generally a pre-determined thickness by the installation company.  It is noticeably thicker than the 5mm builder grade framed door we started with.  The thicker glass offers greater strength and durability.

3. Shower Door Size

A pre-fab shower door is usually only about 24″ wide.  With a glass shower enclosure, your door size can increase to as much as 30″ wide.  This gives your shower a much more open and luxurious feel.  Discuss your door size options with your installation company.  I was pleased to learn that our wider door was no additional cost.

glass shower
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4. Shower Door Swing

Depending on your shower layout, a glass shower offers you the choice of a left or right hinged door.  They can be directly hinged to the wall or from a glass panel as per your shower’s construction.  A curbless glass shower, like the one we have designed, will require the door to be hinged to the wall.  The door of a glass shower is able to swing both into and out of the shower, offering another subtle convenience from our original shower.

glass shower
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5. Hinges, Head rail and Handles

A frameless glass shower will require three bits of hardware.  Your installer will coordinate the colour of this hardware according to your door handle selection.  Generally glass shower companies offer a basic D-handle in chrome.  There are lots of other styles and finish options out there, but they can range considerably in price.  Definitely ask what’s available from your installation company.  They should have a range of modestly priced options for you to choose from.  We have opted for black hardware to match the black faucets we have selected.

glass shower
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6. Glass height

Another detail you are able to select is the height of your glass shower walls.  Your installation company will likely have a standard height, often about 72″.  Selecting your glass height will depend on your ceiling height, your shower head height and your personal preference.  You can take the glass walls all the way to the ceiling, but keep in mind this could make cleaning a bit tricky.  We have opted for  our glass to 80″ high as our ceilings are 96″ and our showerhead is at 84″.  Unless you are planning a steam shower, which may require other considerations, a gap should exist above the door to allow steam to escape.

glass shower
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Have you recently completed a bathroom renovation?  I’d love to hear about it!  Drop me a note in the comments below.

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