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Sliding Barn Doors – 15 Unique Ways to Love Them

One hot design trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down, is the sliding barn door.  We just can’t seem to get enough of them!  As this trend’s momentum grows, it is inspiring a greater variation in creative door solutions.  Bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms…the applications for these stylish doors vary almost as much as their look.

What’s remarkable is that these spaces saving doors are as stylish as they are practical. Build your own or buy them ready to install.  These days you can find a barn door that ranges from painted to stained, modern to traditional.  Many of us can retrofit or modify an existing doorway to incorporate a sliding barn door into our decor.

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via Interior Barn Door

I am currently on the hunt for the perfect barn door.  In between our master bedroom and ensuite is a finished drywalled opening without a door.  This was one of the things we really wanted to change during our ensuite renovation.  Adding a door between the two rooms would add a welcome touch of privacy.  Well as much privacy as you can have with three kids who don’t understand what privacy is, LOL.

For us it seemed much easier to add a sliding barn door to the bedroom side of the opening rather than deconstruct and frame for a swing door.  Plus, it will also allow us to add something more visually interesting…as long as I can find it…to enhance the overall decor.

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via Jeff Lewis Design

Our northern, dry climate is not particularly kind to wood.  We will need to take that into consideration when deciding on which barn door will be right for us.  Materials and how it’s made will be a major deciding factor in our final selection.  If you’re thinking about adding a barn door, I suggest talking to some wood experienced professionals in your area to see what is best suited for your project.

After scouring the internet for barn door ideas, here are 15 unique styles that I have fallen in love with.  Enjoy!

Light and Lovely

barn door
via Decoist

Dark Sliding Beauty

barn door
via Style Me Pretty

A Touch of Rustic

barn door
via Twuzzer

Bohemian Charm

barn door
via Architectural Digest

A Modern Twist

barn door
via Interior Barn Doors

Industrial Chic

barn door
via Better Homes and Gardens

Modern Farmhouse

barn door
via Decor de Provence

A Pop of Colour

barn door
via Mahshie Custom Homes

Unique Materials

barn door
via Gouviea Design

Mirrored Doors

barn door
via Ezra Lee Design

Pick a Pattern

 barn door
via The Ranch Mine

Why Not as a Headboard?

barn door
via Cheaper and Better

Clever Storage Design

barn door
via Pinterest

Glass Inserts

barn door
via Better Homes and Garden

Bi-pass Doors

barn door
via The Barn Door Hardware Store

Do you have a unique barn door project to share?  Drop me a comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

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