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Top 5 Best Grey Paint Colours

Spring time seems to inspire renovations.  After a long, chilly winter, many of us are ready for a bit of a refresh.  Trying out a new paint colour on your walls is definitely the quickest way to make a big impact on your space.  With grey paint colours still being the predominant trend in neutrals, there are dozens of beautiful grey shades out there to choose from.grey paint

The process of paint colour selection can be an overwhelming and somewhat daunting task.  The shades, the tones, the hues…it is all a bit much most of the time.  Many people are simply looking for a quick and easy guide to the best grey paint colours.  Greys can be cool or warm, rich or muted…which is the best colour for you?  (see my post on How to Pick the Perfect Grey)

I have put together a short list of the top 5 Sherwin Williams grey paint colours that can fit into almost any space.  These 5 colours are all fairly neutral and don’t have significant undertones to fight with the rest of your decor.  Enjoy!

1. Agreeable Gray (SW7029)

grey paint
Agreeable Gray SW7029

On the warmer side of grey, Agreeable Gray has a tinge of beige in it.  This softens the tone of the grey and prevents any unwanted cool hints of blue or green.  This grey paint colour will look almost greige in most light, not straying too far from its taupe roots.

grey paint
via Ladyomatic

2. Amazing Gray (SW7044)

grey paint
Amazing Gray SW7044

Another grey paint colour on the greige scale, Amazing Gray also has a soft taupe undertone.  At times this lovely paint colour can take on a very slight green-ish quality that looks lovely with a dusty rose accent like Charley’s Rose (SW9002).

grey paint
via Homebunch

3. Dorian Gray (SW7017)

grey paint
Dorian Gray SW7017

This grey paint colour is a part of one of the most popular grey colour families.  Dorian Gray is very close to a “true” grey with just a hint of warmth to soften its look.

grey paint
via Homebunch

4. Anew Gray (SW7030)

Anew Gray SW7030

A slightly darker cousin to Agreeable Grey, this grey paint colour is a beautiful mid-tone, neutral grey.  Anew grey is a bit of a chameleon and can appear either beige or grey depending on its surroundings and lighting.  This grey looks great paired with a light teal accent like Little Blue Box (SW9044).

grey paint
via Honey We’re Home

5. Repose Gray (SW7015)

grey paint
Repose Gray SW7015

A slightly lighter tone than Dorian Gray, Repose Gray is a lovely soft grey with very subtle warm undertones.  Although not enough warmth to be a greige, this grey paint colour is a great neutral choice.

grey paint
via My Texas House

Have you found a great grey paint colour that you love?  I’d love to here what’s worked for you.  Please drop me a not in the comment box below.

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