how to choose the right sofa

7 Quick Tips to Choose the Right Sofa

When designing any space I tend to start with the big decisions (the costly ones) and work from there.  In your living room that means thinking about your sofa or couch selection and using that to anchor the design for the rest of the room.  A good quality sofa, like the one in the above […]

favorite neutral paint colours

12 Favorite Neutral Paint Colours

Looking through paint samples can but fun…and overwhelming!  Between all the major paint manufacturers there are literally thousands of colours to choose from.  One of my paint favourites is Sherwin Williams and they alone have over 1500 paint colours!  So to make things a little easier, this week I have put together a list of […]

transitional design style

5 Easy Tips to Master Transitional Design

Hello friends!  Kicking things off this week, I am super excited to talk a bit about transitional design and decor.  This is not only one of the most popular interior design styles out there but also my personal favourite.  I get asked pretty regularly about what transitional style is, how to make it work in […]

Easy kids diy project

Easy DIY Project for Kids

It’s nearing the end of summer vacation and the kiddos are restless.  The recent refresh of our basement bathroom and the need to focus their attention for at least an afternoon on something other than bickering, gave birth to an idea for an easy diy project that was perfect. My kids are collectors, that’s how […]

tips for picking paint colours

How to pick the perfect paint colour.

Paint colour!  Seems like such a simple thing, but is one of the single most influential design elements to make an impact in your space.  When it’s done well you may not even notice how it adds to a room, but when it’s done wrong…yikes!  You know that brown you picked out for your feature […]

summer cocktail

10 Amazing Summer Cocktails

After a long day in the summer heat, there’s nothing like a frosty summer cocktail to take the edge off.  Today was a particularly hot afternoon and chasing the kids at a family barbeque did not help the situation! LOL.  Rain made an untimely appearance at dinner time, thanks to a torrential downpour, and turned […]

interior design styles

Find your interior design style

Something that comes up pretty frequently in chats over design is the never ending evolution of interior design styles.  Lots of us struggle to sort through all the hype and understand how we can apply the styles we like in our homes.  Whether you are looking to define it, refine it or redesign it, most […]

Bits of my busy life

Raise your hand if you’ve been know to procrastinate every now and then.  No?  Maybe later, right?  Well truth be told I am at the very least, a part-time procrastinator.  For all you other busy procrastinators of the world, this week I am thinking of you… You know when you have something that needs to […]