main bathroom renovation reveal
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Main Bathroom Renovation Reveal

Reveal day is finally here! At long last, we are ready to unveil our main bathroom renovation. It feels like it’s been a long time coming. Although when I really stop to think about it, we only started this part of our reno in December. So realistically, I know I should cut us a bit of slack. It’s always the frustrating little details at the end of a project that seem to drag on and take forever.

main bathroom renovation reveal

Over this past weekend, we were finally able to hang one of the last finishing touches. Our new window valance is up and things are looking a little more polished in the space. I still have a linen cabinet on order to hang in the niche above our bench, but other than that we have pretty well checked everything off the to-do list for this room.

main bathroom renovation reveal

When we were planning our main bathroom renovation, we wanted a fresh look with modern finishes. Throw in a touch of farmhouse charm for good measure and voila! Adding a couple natural, rustic touches grounds the space and adds a bit of warmth to the decor.

main bathroom renovation reveal


main bathroom renovation reveal

We chose to keep things pretty neutral in the bathroom, going with a grey colour palette. Finding the right grey can be tricky (see my post on How to Pick the Perfect Grey).  We definitely sampled a few along the way. In the end we selected CIL Pebble Grey. It’s a great paint colour, a true grey without any purple or blue undertones. It’s important though, to always consider your lighting temperature (both natural and artificial) when selecting a paint colour as it can significantly change the feel of the colour you pick.


main bathroom renovation reveal
We ordered a medium grey vanity for the bathroom, to play off the bead boarding detail that we were installing on the walls. The vanity came paired with a lovely Carrera marble countertop and undermounted sinks. The two together coordinated perfectly to create a nice contrast to the rest of the bathroom. The vanity set is from Costco, the 73″ Langley double vanity.  (Check out a similar vanity by clicking here).  It is complimented by a set of widespread faucets Pfister in Tuscan Bronze.


main bathroom renovation reveal
I really like the look of wood-look ceramic tiles. I think they add a natural element to the room and help to ground the space. The 70/30 bricklay pattern we chose not only makes for a better installation, but I really like the subtle detail it adds to the decor.


main bathroom renovation reveal
When shopping for bathroom lights, we tried to keep our desire for some farmhouse charm in mind. After many hours of online shopping, we choose these metal shade yard light style fixtures for above the vanity. They were a great buy, check out the Langdon Mills 2-Light Putnam vanity light.


main bathroom renovation reveal
We wanted our main bathroom renovation to have a calm, relaxed feel with a touch of refined luxury. It is our kids bathroom after all, so we have to think as much about durability as we do beauty. Glass tiles and stone countertops were a great start, but they are a bit stark on their own. So we added the natural textures of the wood bench and softened the room with a fabric shower curtain and padded window valance.

main bathroom renovation reveal

Are you thinking of renovating? Leave me a comment below and let me know what you’re working on!

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20 Comment

  1. I absolutely love everything about this bathroom and plan on duplicating it in my master bath. Can you tell me more about glass subway tile and the flooring? Are the subway tiles light grey or white? Where did you purchase?

    1. Thanks so much! We tried to keep things pretty simple so both of these tiles actually came from Home Depot. The glass wall tile is about 2″x 4″ and comes on a sheet approx 12″ square. It is white, although definitely not a bright white with the way the light shines through it. The grout we used with it is “Bright White”. The floor tile is 6″ x 36″ and is called Malba Wood. Good luck! Would love to see how you make out!

  2. I absolutely love your bathroom and using it as an inspiration. Can you please post a link of the exact wood panels you got? Where can I find these?

    1. No problem! We did use the same glass tile and mosaic for the tub surround. Good luck! I’d love to see how it tuns out!

    1. It was the same installation above the shower as the vanity wall. The trickiest part to working with this tile was that it came in 12×12 sheets. This seemed like a great idea to facilitate the installation, but it actually caused some frustration. The tiles are not uniformly applied to the sheet and have manufacturing variations that made it a bit difficult to work with. Overall, it was tricky but doable. Hope that helps!

    1. Hi! Thanks for reaching out! We ordered the vanity, countertop and mirror as a set from Costco online. It is also available in individual pieces from Lowes and Home Depot but they all promote it under different names. It is an 72″ Avanity Moderno vanity, you can try sourcing to a retailer through their website. (
      Hope that helps!

  3. I love the gray color. Can you tell me where I can purchase the pebble gray and who makes it. I’m not sure who CIL is. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi! Thank you so much! The floor tile cam from Home Depot and is called Malba Wood. It is 6″ x 36″ tile. Hope that helps!

  4. Hi –

    Your bathroom looks great!!

    What kind of faucets did you use? Did the countertop come with the vanity?


    1. Hey Scott! Thanks so much! We are definitely loving it so far. The faucets are the Selia widespread in Tuscan Bronze from Pfister. The countertop did come with the vanity, we ordered ours through Costco online. It’s also sold through Home Depot and Lowe’s both as a package and as separate pieces. The countertop itself is Carerra marble. Hope that helps!

  5. Hello! I just love your bathroom. Can you tell me what colors are in the accent tile (the small squares). It is hard to determine the colors online. It really adds so much to the wall & room.

    1. Hi Beverly. Thanks so much! I am really glad we added that mosaic tile to the backsplash, it does add a nice affect. It is a mix of glass and stone squares and has quite a few shades going on. Overall I would say it is a mix of white and a grey to a slightly blue-grey tone. The stone is Carrera marble so has a variety of tones itself. The glass squares are a mix of clear tile and two different greys, one warmer and one cooler. They did a good job adding enough to the mix to make it fairly flexible for multiple applications. Thanks for reaching out!

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