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Who out there doesn’t love Ikea?  Its super affordable, easy home decor and simple storage solutions are pretty commonly found in most of our homes.  Let’s be honest, who hasn’t had something from Ikea in their home at some point in their life since college?  Interior designers and homeowners alike, love IKEA decor.

IKEA decor

Admittedly I feel like you have to be a bit particular, it’s not all as durable and long lasting as we might like.  But bang for your buck, it’s hard to go wrong.  Especially with all the customizing that people do these days to the basic pieces and the plethora of Ikea hacks at your fingertips on Pinterest.

IKEA decor

Unfortunately I am not going to impress you today with a simple project that takes a modest IKEA decor piece and transforms it into something stunningly unrecognizable.  I will try to work on that, haha.  In fact, my major accomplishment for the week was pretty modest by most people’s standards.

IKEA decor

I finally assembled and installed some super cute drawer inserts into my daughter’s recently refinished IKEA shelving unit.  By myself!  Not impressed?  Well I had to use two screwdrivers AND a hammer…so I was pretty pumped.  Even my hubbie thought I had done a great job so I made sure to give myself a thorough pat on the back.

IKEA decor

It’s amazing to think that IKEA has been around since 1943.  According to IKEA, they currently have 340 stores in 28 countries and have plans to open even more over the next few years.  Although IKEA releases around 2,500 new products every year, some favorites like the Billy bookcase have stood the test of time.  Did you know that the Billy bookcase is sold somewhere in the world every 10 seconds?  That’s a lot of bookcases!

For all you fellow IKEA lovers out there, in no particular order, here is a list of 10 of the most popular IKEA decor products.  How many do you own?

Kallax Shelf Unit

IKEA decor via Houzz

This stylish and simple storage solution is a versatile piece that you can place on the floor, against a wall or as a room-divider.  It comes is many sizes and colours and is easily personalized with the addition of doors, inserts, boxes and baskets.  There are even caster wheels that you can now buy to add to the bottom.  This is a personal favorite and is found in multiple rooms around our house.

Malm Bed

IKEA decor via IKEA

The simple design and clean lines of this bed makes it a good fit in most bedroom decors.  It was the perfect choice for our kids’ room.  DIYers love it because it can be easily customized for those wanting to add their own personal touch.  This bed is a timeless classic and is available in a variety of veneers, colours and sizes.

Rens Sheepskin

IKEA decor via IKEA

Soft and luxurious, the Rens sheepskin rug adds a touch of warmth to your decor.  It will look elegant in any room as a rug or draped over a chair or across the back of a sofa.

Ribba Frames

IKEA decor via Elements of Style

Make your photos and artwork pop with the simplicity of the Ribba frame.  This minimalist frame includes the matting and is perfect for a gallery wall or a stand alone piece.  It is available in a multitude of sizes and colours for maximum flexibility and value.

Billy Bookcase

IKEA decor via IKEA

This beloved IKEA decor classic is a great storage solution for any room.  It can be completely customized in both size and colour.  Finishing touches include boxes, inserts and doors.  The possibilities are endless with this versatile bookcase.

Poäng Chair

IKEA decor via IKEA

One of the most iconic IKEA decor products of all time, the Poäng chair has really stood the test of time.  It recently celebrated its 40th birthday releasing a limited edition frame and six new covers.  The curved classic offers comfort and timeless style at affordable price.

Lack Tables

IKEA decor via IKEA

The Lack series of tables ranges in size and proportions and comes is a wide variety of colours and finishes.  This lightweight table is great on its own or pushed together as a modular unit.  The simple, affordable side table is a another popular choice for many DIYers.

Stockholm Rug

IKEA decor via Noelle Loura

Add a burst of colour to any room with these hand made textiles.  Available in a multitude of patterns and colours, these flat weave rugs are made to suit almost any decor.  The low pile of these wool rugs makes them easy to keep clean.

Klippan Loveseat

IKEA decor via IKEA

This much-loved small space and budget friendly sofa was introduced in the 1980s and is still an IKEA decor favorite today.  With a low-slung silhouette, boxy frame and modern metal legs it has remained a fixture in design. It’s comfortable, fits almost anywhere and its covers come in a variety of colours and materials.  Replacement covers are inexpensive making it a smart choice for homeowners who like to change up their decor frequently.

Docksta Table

IKEA decor via The Bungalow Homestagers

This modern round table with its soft edges and simple silhouette gives a relaxed feeling to your space.  Its classic white finish allows homeowners to blend together an eclectic assortment of chairs or decorations.  Docksta’s overall simplicity allows it to compliment a range of decor styles from modern to traditional.

What’s your favourite go-to IKEA decor product?  Drop me a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

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