10 Best Cool Grey Paint Colours from Sherwin Williams


My love affair with grey continues!  This year, this lovely neutral continues to dominate design schemes and shows no signs of slowing down.  As a result, paint manufacturers continue to pump out more and more grey colour options, further complicating the selection process.  If you’ve visited your local paint store lately, you know there are hundreds of shades of greys on the market.  To cut through some of the complexity, we are going to focus today only on the best cool grey paint colours from Sherwin Williams. (featured image via My Texas House)

Amazing Grey SW7044 via Decor Pad

Cool greys can sometimes seem a bit more intimidating and severe than their warmer cousins.  They can, however, still give you a very neutral base for your decor.  In fact, some of these colours below are still bordering on greige, that lovely zone of grey that’s not quite grey, not quite beige.

What’s the difference between cool grey and warm grey?

So what is the difference between a warm grey and a cool grey?  Well, cool greys tend to include colours rooted in blues and greens, while warm greys are derived from reds and yellows.  Sherwin Williams has many really great shades of grey available on both ends of the spectrum.  If you think you want to stick with something a little warmer, check out my post on my favourite warm grey colours.

Passive SW7064 – via House of Turquoise

Why cool grey?

Well to be honest, we didn’t set out to pick a cool grey for our home. In fact we purposely picked an ultra neutral grey when we painted our main bathroom.  (check out CIL’s Pebble Grey in our main bathroom).  A colour which I love by the way.  Unfortunately, it has fallen victim to the room’s northern exposure and does at times look a touch blue.  Light temperature can definitely make or break your grey selection.

Dorian Gray SW7017 – via The Yellow Cape Cod

Anyways, our ensuite…currently under construction…has a south exposure and can handle a bit of a cooler grey.  We didn’t intend on choosing a cool grey necessarily, just a grey that we liked and that went with the selections we had made for the bathroom.  Ideally, we wanted to choose a colour that can run through the whole house, something that we can work with later to add other accents and textures.  After much consideration, our number one colour choice right now is Repose Gray SW7015.

Repose Gray SW7015 – via Magnolia Market

So without further ado, here are 10 great cool grey paint colours from Sherwin Williams.  They will give your space a calm, soothing feel without leaving it cold and uninviting.

10 Best Cool Grey Paint Colours

1. Worldly Gray SW7043

2. Amazing Gray SW7044

3. Dorian Gray SW7017

4. Mindful Gray SW7016

5. Repose Gray SW7015

6. Silverplate SW7649

7. Argos SW7065

8. Passive SW7064

9. Gray Screen SW7071

10. Online SW7072

Have you tried a new grey colour in your space?  Please leave me a comment below and let me know what’s worked and what hasn’t in your space.

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