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What a week it’s been!  As if this time of year isn’t busy enough, losing a week to being sick really didn’t help my Christmas prep.  I am super glad I managed to get our tree up and fully decorated before my little hiatus.  Our Christmas tree tends to be the focal point of our home decor for the holiday season, it’s a central part to celebrating the season.  With its prominent place in the spotlight, it can be a daunting task to pick your Christmas tree color scheme.

Christmas Tree

I struggled a bit this year trying to give our tree a fresh look.  It took a few extra days and several return trips to the store to get it done, but our tree is finally finished!  I found that breaking it down into 3 easy steps really helped:

1. Hang the lights.

Artificial trees can come pre-lit with lights, giving you a significant advantage in convenience.  You can sick with incandescent lights or step it up to LED bulbs.  LED lights save quite a lot of energy and don’t throw heat like a traditional incandescent bulb does.

Christmas Tree

Tip:  How many lights do you need for a Christmas tree?  Well the general rule of thumb is about 100 lights per one and a half feet of tree.  So for a 6 foot tree, you would want around 400 lights.

Christmas Tree

2. Hang the garland.

Garland styles for your Christmas tree can vary from beads to ribbons, from paper to foil.  The only real limitation is your imagination!  It is much easier to maneuver these into place next after the lights, so that you don’t have all of the ornaments getting in your way.  A lesson I was reminded of because I couldn’t find a garland I liked and left it until last.

Christmas Tree

Tip:  How much garland do you need for a Christmas tree?  It does depend on the size of your garland.  A thinner garland should wrap twice per foot of tree, while a thicker garland would probably only need to wrap once per foot.

Christmas Tree

3. Hang the ornaments.

Start with your larger ornaments and space them evenly around your tree.  Add your medium ornaments next and fill any empty spaces with the smallest ornaments.  This will give your tree a balanced look.  Tackle your ornament color scheme like you would your room’s color scheme.  Using a 70-20-10 rule creates a dominant color, accent color and a pop of color.

Christmas Tree

Tip:  How many ornaments do you need for a Christmas tree?  For trees up to about 9 feet, aim for about 10 ornaments per foot of tree.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!  I know the rest of this week will be busy with shopping, wrapping and baking.  I hope your holidays though are joyful and filled with family, friends and good cheer.

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