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As we continue to smash and crash our way through the renovation of our ensuite, my mind has started to wander a little.  Being designated official ladder holder and tool passer, gives a girl some time to think, haha.  Thankfully we have the selections for the bathroom well in hand and are making good progress.  I have started thinking, however, beyond the bathroom and how it relates to our master bedroom decor.

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For me, transitional bedroom decor checks all the boxes.  I love the mixture of different lines and textures of transitional style and how it creates a polished but livable space.  (Check out my post on Transitional Design Tips for more details!)  We currently have a transitional decor scheme already, so it’s really not a stretch.  Our bedroom though, will definitely need some tweaking to bring it in line with our proposed new greyer colour scale.

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While I ponder my growing to-do list to bring our bedroom in-line with our ensuite bathroom, I realized it meant considering a few major elements in the bedroom.  So for all you other transitional style lovers, here is a list of tips to help you create transitional bedroom decor in your home.

The Bed

In a bedroom, the focal point tends to be the bed.  Makes sense.  It’s usually pretty centrally located and is the largest piece of furniture in the space.  In transitional master bedroom decor we usually see that the bed is often, although not exclusively, upholstered in some way.  We find lots of upholstered headboards and even upholstered bed frames displayed.

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The key to a transitional headboard though, is the shape.  They tend to have some curved lines,  rounded edges or tufted details to soften the overall look.  Transitional headboards may have a mixture of materials used in their design.  Nail head details on a fabric headboard, for example, can be a lovely combination.

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A hot new trend in bed design in the four poster bed.  This can work in a transitional space as well, but the scale of the overall bed frame needs to be kept in check.

Colour Scheme – Keeping things neutral

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Transitional style generally sticks to a pretty neutral colour palette.  Greys, whites and beiges are all popular colour schemes.  Remember though, neutral doesn’t have to mean boring.  Layer the tones in your colour scheme for depth and variation.  You can also introduce coordinating patterns in the same colour scheme to add some visual interest to your master bedroom decor.

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Another popular design detail in transitional spaces is to add a touch of something rustic.  A bit of wood or a natural element adds warmth to the decor.


The other furnishings in your master bedroom decor will help to enhance your transitional design.  Your bed can’t do it alone!  Remember to look for the opportunity to introduce curved lines into your space to contrast with the straighter ones.

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Side table, occasional chairs, ottomans, whatever furnishings you may have in your bedroom.  They are all a chance for you to add to the decor through their shape, colour or mix of materials.

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The type of lighting used in the design of a space is becoming an increasingly popular design element.  The right light fixture can make a real statement in a room.  In transitional bedroom decor this has brought in an array of new light fixture shapes and styles.  Round, globe hanging style light fixtures are increasingly common.  Mixing materials like metal and glass or crystal is also being seen more and more in bedroom lighting.

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One way to add a real sense of luxury to your master bedroom decor is through the use of beautiful fabrics.  Fabrics are a great way to add dimension to your design by injecting pattern and texture into your space.  Transitional fabrics tend to remain neutral, leaving the pops of colour to accents and accessories.

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Drapes, bed linens and other fabric elements like upholstery are used to enhance and frame the overall style of the space.  Arabesque, hexagon and herringbone patterns all have transitional variations perfect for bedroom decor applications.

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A popular trend in bed linens is the pin-tuck style.  This trend adds texture and charm to the design without necessarily introducing new colours to the decor scheme.

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