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One of the hot interior design trends this year has been the resurgence of wallpaper.  (Click here to check out my post on some of the other hot interior design trends of the year).  Now I can hear some of you rolling your eyes with your been there, done that attitude.  But bear with me a minute.  Keep in mind, these are not the ugly wallpapers some of us remember from our youth.  You will not find any velvety florals or fruit bowls here!  No, the new and improved wallpapers have been beautifully reinvented into fresh, modern designs. (Featured image above via Etsy)


Why Wallpaper?

Wallpaper has always been a great way to add colour, texture and character into a space.  It’s popularity is due largely in part to it being a fairly cost effective and relatively easy DIY project.  In fact, most of us can tackle a bit of wallpapering on a free weekend.  Now remember I did say relatively easy DIY project.  As anyone who has ever wallpapered knows, it is not without its headaches and frustrations!  Embrace the trend, however, and you can wallpaper a feature wall in your bedroom, jazz up a small bathroom …heck wallpaper is even finding its way onto the ceiling!

wallpaper via Apartment Therapy

We have a water closet in our master ensuite that I have slated for a wallpaper makeover.  During our ensuite bathroom renovation, we re-positioned the door to allow for a larger glass shower.  Brilliant, right?  Well unfortunately it left an unsightly imperfection in the wall despite our best efforts during the texturing stage.  We are left with quite the hump in the wall where the old door used to be.  Live with it…that was one option.  Or cover it…that was my suggestion.  So wallpaper shopping here I come!

wallpaper via Jessica Conner Design

After a few tries, I came across a great geometric patterned wallpaper from Bouclair.  It has a great pattern, all the right whites and warm greys…it’s the perfect solution to add a bit of warmth and charm to a room which houses…a toilet.  Let’s face it, it’s hard to dress up a toilet! LOL

wallpaper Ensuite wallpaper selection

So for anyone else who is feeling like wallpaper may be in their future, here are 5 hot wallpaper trends you can give a try in your home.

Geometric Design

wallpaper Soft neutrals and a distinct pattern make this wallpaper selection a fresh, new pick via Uhozz. wallpaper Ode to both the chevron and hexagon pattern in this living room vignette via Etsy.  Both of these patterns are top picks for the latest wallpaper design.  

Animal Prints

wallpaper Stylized animal prints in softer neutral tones are a great alternative to the traditional bold animal prints of years past.  This image is via Interior Decor Trends. wallpaper Add a touch of the unexpected with a fun animal print like this one.  This wallpaper design stays fresh with its black and white colour palette via Etsy.

Natural Elements

wallpaper Rustic modern decor elements have become super popular.  Why not add a touch of charm with this wood-look wallpaper via Modern Country Style. wallpaper Bring a bit a nature indoors with this modern interpretation via Murals Wallpaper Co.


wallpaper Okay I know I said no florals…but this stylized floral pattern in soft pastels is a fresh new take on this wallpaper design.  This baby nursery via Project Nursery is so delightfully precious, who can resist? wallpaper Keeping your florals black and white are a great way to keep them from overpowering your space.  This image via Style Me Pretty, for example, offers a bold design that won’t limit the rest of your decor. 

Organic Patterns

wallpaper This foyer via Elle Decor is certainly bold!  The wallpaper design offers a classic element with a modern twist by keeping the organic shapes black and white. wallpaper This wallpaper design via Oh My Wall is a really popular twist on the organic trend.  It gives your walls the look of oversized, hand stenciled art.

If you have any tips or tricks to help me on my upcoming wallpapering adventure, please drop me a comment below!  All advice will be greatly appreciated! 🙂

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