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Lamp shopping for your living room decor, or really any room of the house, can be frustrating.  There are hundreds of lights in dozens of stores to choose from…but where is the lamp for you?  Like many other home decorating details, finding the right light can take considerable time and patience.  (Are you working through a renovation too?  Click here to learn how to keep your renovation project on track)  After all, there’s nothing worse than a case of buyers remorse after you’ve rushed into any purchase. (Featured image via House of Turquoise)

living room lamp via Philpotts Interiors

This past week I’ve been struggling through the lamp dilemma myself.  I have been busy shopping/searching for the perfect table lamps for our living room.  So far I have only one serious contender, but I’m not convinced I’ve found the “one” just yet.  I want so much to love it!  It’s perfect in every way except one…it’s a bit too short.  So I guess the hunt will continue!

living room lamp via Studio McGee

Table lamps do a couple of things for your room; they are both functional and decorative.  For that reason, when you’re choosing a table lamp there are several things to consider.  Although both shape and style are important, they are not the only details to think about to ensure your new light meets your needs. (Click here to learn a bit about choosing the right light temperature colour for your space)

living room lamp

Here are 5 top design tips you should know before you buy your next lamp:

Lamp Size

Overall height of a table lamp should be between 58 inches and 64 inches.  That measurement is taken from the floor, your light sitting on your end table and includes the finial at the top.

living room lamp via McGee and Co

Shade Height

The bottom of the lamp shade should be at about eye height.  The exact measurement could vary depending on sofa seat height. Generally, the height of the shade should be about 3/4 the height of the base.

living room lamp via Style at Home

Shade Diameter

The bottom of the shade should be wider that the widest part of the lamp base.  Best width ratio is often a shade that is double the size of the lamp base.

living room lamp via Meghan Carter Design

Lamp Scale

Keep balance in your space by choosing a light that is in proportion with your other furnishings.  Therefore it is important to keep the scale of the light in mind. A small table lamp can become lost in a large room with large scaled furniture. At the same time, you don’t want to put a large lamp on a small, delicate piece of furniture.

living room lamp via Lamps Plus

Shape and Style

Play with the look and vibe of the shade and/or the body of the lamp.  Mix and match two different lights together for a more custom look.  Add a punch of colour to your space by choosing a light with a playful shade or base design.

living room lamp via Decoist

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