Bedroom Ceiling Lights – Semi Flush Lights with a Farmhouse Feel


The devil is in the details, or so they say anyways.  Nothing could be more true, especially when is comes to renovations!  The big jobs…flooring, painting, tiling…those all seem to get checked off the to-do list eventually.  All the little jobs just keep piling up though, because you never seem to have time for them.  This week we’ve been tackling lighting.  Never mind the hours and hours I spent shopping for ceiling lights…whether is was a bedroom light or a hallway light, we had to actually find some time to hang them!

bedroom light via Life On Virginia Street

Our design goal was black light fixtures.

Why black?

Well black is back…and black is awesome!  Finding black fixtures however, that was easier said than done.  For some we had to settle for an oil rubbed bronze finish that was so dark it looked black.  Others, like our kitchen dining fixture, we actually spray painted black to get the look we wanted.  I know, I know…painting a new light fixture seems crazy.  Trust me, there was some pre-painting discussion had, LOL.  But to get the look we wanted without breaking the bank, sometimes a girls’ got do what a girls’ got to do.  Thankfully it turned out beautifully!

bedroom light via Light Fixture Design

While I still need to source a couple other lights, we are getting there!  (If anyone knows where I can get a black multi-light, single ceiling connection pendant fixture for my island, please let me know!!)  In the meantime, here are some of my top picks for semi-flush ceiling lights…perfect as a bedroom light, hallway light and laundry room light alike.

bedroom light via Beacon Lighting

Some of these are straight off my own order list.  Although many of these lights would be great in a variety of rooms with modern to transitional decor, they offer enough charm to fit in with the casual, modern farmhouse style too.  (Click here to see more about modern farmhouse design details)  I love the modern look to them…and the best part is that none of them resemble the basic builder bowl bedroom light that was there before.  Without further ado…

Top 10 Semi-Flush Ceiling Lights with a Farmhouse Feel

bedroom light

1. Kichler Lighting Barrington Semi Flush

bedroom light via

2. Eastmorland Semi Flush

bedroom light via Rejuvenation

3. Feiss Harrow 3-Light Semi Flush

bedroom light via The Home Depot

4. Quoizel Platform Semi Flush

bedroom light via Lowes

5. Nilsa 3-Light Semi Flush Mount

bedroom light via Wayfair

6. Nash Semi Flush

bedroom light via Canarm

7. Kichler Saybridge Semi Flush

bedroom light via Lowes

8. Quoizel Liberty Park Semi Flush

bedroom light via Lowes

9. Trilogy 3-Light Semi Flush

bedroom light via Canada Lighting Experts

10. Sansa 3-Light Semi Flush

bedroom light via The Home Depot

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bedroom light

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