6 Easy Design Secrets to Master your Interior Design


Whether you’re tweaking what you have or stripping things down to start fresh, decorating your home can be a challenging but rewarding process.  Many of us are so used to the decor we have, it’s hard to add a new twist.  Part of the benefit we’ve seen during our own home renovation project, has definitely been having a fresh outlook on our old space.  Keeping a few key design secrets in mind, we are working feverishly to complete our renos. (top image via Sneller Custom Homes)

This past week we had a contractor in to help us keep up with our timeline.  The plumbing fixtures have been installed in our ensuite, our den door was relocated from our back entry to our living room and our laundry room was rearranged to create a larger mud room/laundry combo.  There are a lot of moving parts and projects underway!  And only 2 weeks till we plan to move out during the messiest bits like re-texturing our ceilings and our new kitchen installation.  I am starting to feel a little stressed!

For anyone else out there thinking about a decor redesign or planning a renovation whether big or small, here are 6 easy design secrets to help you master your new interior design plan.

Design Secret #1 – Create a colour scheme

Your colour scheme is something that should flow throughout your house.  It will vary slightly from room to room in its execution, but overall it should transition smoothly from space to space.  Each room should feel connected to the others in the house.  Colour continuity prevents an eye-jarring jumble of colours between the rooms.  What is an accent colour in accessories in one room could be a bold wall colour in another.  Weaving the colours in different ways throughout your different rooms keeps things interesting and makes the colour scheme make sense.

design secrets There is an overlap of greens is the Master Bedroom and Ensuite via HGTV’s Home to Win

Design Secret #2 – Lighting

Having fabulous lighting is a must.  Not only do you need the right light fixture, but you also need to illuminate the right parts of your space.  There are three levels of lighting to consider in every room: general lighting, accent lighting and task lighting.  Be bold!  Choose a beautiful light fixture to brighten up your space and add a touch of personality.  Remember to consider the light colour temperature for your lighting to get the most out of your decor.

design secrets This hanging light fixture makes a big statement in this living room via Better Decorating Bible

Design Secret #3 – Choose a Focal Point

Each room should have a focal point.  There should be a place or piece in the room that draws your eye and serves as inspiration for the rest of the space.  Your focal point should help define the function of the room so that the overall decor makes sense.  Some rooms have obvious focal points like fireplaces or picture windows.  In other rooms, however, you can create a focal point with a fantastic carpet, bold furnishings or artwork that packs a punch.

design secrets The hanging light fixtures and the furniture placement draw your eye towards the fireplace as this room’s focal point via Capital Lighting Fixture

Design Secret #4 – Symmetry

Symmetry adds order and balance to a design.  It produces a sense of stability and calm, creating a welcoming and approachable space.  Symmetry is achieved in a variety of ways including the use of patterns, furniture arrangement or through the application of colour.  You can, for example, pair lamps or chairs or bookcases to create polished symmetrical arrangements that please the eye.

design secrets Symmetrical living room design via Ideal Home

Sometimes criticized for being to boring and traditional, you can also create symmetry with asymmetrical objects.  By using objects with equal visual weight, you produce the sense of symmetry without creating a mirror image.

design secrets Asymmetrical living room design via Essex Home Furnishings

Design Secret #5 – Use of Patterns

How patterns are used in interior design is limited only by your imagination.  Where they can be used, how they are combined and the colours available are endless.  Patterns create visual interest, provide definition and can be used to create focal points in your space.  Keep in mind your overall colour scheme and scale of patterns to mix and match flawlessly.

design secrets Beautiful and eye catching geometric pattern on this carpet via Architectural Digest design secrets A bold patterned floor tile via The Lux Pad

Design Secret #6 – Texture

Ramp up your neutral decor by introducing a variety of materials and textures.  A mix of soft, luxurious materials with rough, natural elements will highlight each of their best features.  Using texture adds warmth and visual interest to your room’s decor.

desgin secrets Rich window coverings, smooth dining chairs with wooden legs and a woven carpet all add texture via Lonny.com design secrets Soft area rug and luxurious finishes mix nicely with the texture of the shiplap plank ceiling via Pinterest

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