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It’s renovation crunch time around here!  This week we are packing up and moving out for a few weeks while most of the serious renovations get underway.  (Check out our Renovation Planning Guide here).  Ceilings are being re-textured first and by the end of next week, the kitchen will be out.  We are not messing around! LOL!  Sitting here surrounded by moving boxes and packing tape though, I find myself daydreaming about the final design of our laundry room of all things!  The kitchen, bathrooms…those are pretty well all decided.  But I’ve realized that the laundry room essentials still need some attention. (top image via Design Sponge).

laundry room via Dear Lillie Studio

Is it crazy to dream about your laundry room?  Of course people dream about their kitchens and bathrooms, that seems to go without saying.  Next to the kitchen though, the laundry room this is probably the room of the house where I spend the most time.  With three growing kids, the laundry piles up fast!

Now I’m not saying I need my laundry room to be a spa-like retreat.  After all, it’s not the place in the house that I would choose to escape to and relax.  But lets face it…sorting, washing and folding other people’s unmentionables is bad enough.  Shouldn’t the space you do it in be pretty?  Most of the time the rest of my family goes into the laundry room for one of two reason…to look for me or to look for their clean laundry.

But I digress.  All that grumbling aside though, I don’t actually mind doing laundry…except for ironing.  I despise ironing!

laundry room

When you’re designing any space, it’s hard to get absolutely everything you want.  You need to prioritize what you need and balance it with what you want and consider the space you have to work with.  Usually the end result is some kind of compromise.

That being said, we’ve been fortunate and have gone to considerable lengths to try to get everything we want out of our laundry room.  We have taken down walls and removed an underused closet to create a combined mudroom/laundry room at our rear entry.  We have moved lights, laundry connections and sink locations to create a larger footprint for our new layout.

So what should you consider when you’re designing, renovating or improving your laundry space?  Well here are 7 laundry room essentials for you to think about while you dream about your own laundry room design.

laundry room 7 Laundry Room Essentials. Photo via Homebunch

1. Sort

Have a place, or better yet a system in place to catch and sort your dirty laundry.  It makes the whole job much more manageable.  Whether it’s hampers, baskets or bags, create a spot where you can collect and organize your loads before you throw them in the wash.

laundry room via Brandon Architects Seaward

2. Soak

A sink in the laundry room for me is definitely a laundry room essential.  Unfortunately not every laundry room can accommodate one.  But if you can work it into your layout, it’s a life-saver.

laundry room via Homebunch

3. Fold

Save yourself time and unnecessary steps by creating a work surface right in the laundry room.  A counter top, free standing table or even a floating shelf can provide valuable folding space to sort the clean laundry prior to its redistribution.

laundry room via Homebunch

4. Hang

I have been known to shrink the odd laundry item or two by over-drying in the dryer.  Add a spot in your laundry room where those delicate items can hang to dry.  It will save you all sorts of headaches and hassles in the future.

laundry room via Primcousa

5. Press

Did I mention that I hate ironing?  Half the challenge is wrestling the ironing out board of the cupboard and setting it up, just to have to put it all away again.  My next laundry room essential is to have a more convenient storage location or built-in accommodation that will make this part of the laundry process less painful.

laundry room via Futurist Architecture

6. Store

Organization in the laundry room is a must.  Create a place to store your laundry supplies, detergents and clothing-care products that makes them easy to find and convenient to use.

laundry room via Futurist Architecture

7. Decor

Make it pretty!  There’s no reason why your laundry space decor should be neglected.  Add to the laundry decor with a cute saying or an art piece and make it your own.  The laundry room is usually a private place it the home, away from guests.  It can be a great place to take a bit of a risk with the decor and try something new.  Put some of your personality into the room’s design.

laundry room via Houzz

Do you have a laundry room we can envy?  I’d love to see it!  Drop me a comment below and tell us about what you included in your laundry room design.

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