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10 hot colours for spring/summer 2017

Welcome to my inaugural post!  Fingers crossed, here goes nothing…

Hands down, this is definitely my favourite time of year!  When spring turns the page to summer,  it’s so amazing I feel like there really should be a special name for it to set it apart from the rest of the year.  It’s like…the brunch of seasons.  My list of name suggestions is pretty short at this point…all I could come up with was spummer…and something tells me that won’t be catching on any time soon!

But seriously, everything is always so lush and vibrant and in full bloom, colours are richer and deeper, everything is growing and thriving.  I always get an extra itchy design itch this time of year that I am just dying to scratch.  So I got to thinking about what colours are trending for this design season and how I could blend them into what we already have for a bit of an update.

I think nature is such a great place to find inspiration before any design project or refresh.  Nature has a really amazing way of combining colours that just never seem to miss.  Even in our own backyard I found traces of the newest colours forecast by Pantone…the world-renowned authority on colour.  They propose a new colour palette twice a year that make colour predictions and influence both fashion and home design.


The hottest new colours from Pantone to hit the design world this spring/summer mix together some vivid pops of colour with some earthy shades to remind us and invigorate us by of the beauty of nature.  From the sunny yellows of Primrose Yellow (Pantone 13-0755)  to the peaceful calm of Island Paradise (Pantone 14-4620), bringing a bit of these colours into our homes can help us create a fresh, relaxing place to hang our hats.

Taking the nature inspired colours one step further, they named Greenery (15-0343) the colour of the year for 2017 calling it nature’s neutral.  Symbolic of new beginnings, Greenery is a fresh, invigorating shade meant to remind us of spring and all of its rejuvenating powers.


So as beautiful as these are…the hardest part is figuring out how to take some of that inspiration and put it into action, right?  You can’t possibly use them all, how do you mix in some of the new with what you already have?  So much to think about!

Over the next couple of posts I am going to share a few easy colour combinations with you and show you how we re-vamped our patio this spring to bring in some re-freshing new pops of colour.

Until then…happy decorating!

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