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Of all the rooms in a house to design, I think that kids’ bedrooms are the most fun.  Whether they are bright and cheery or soft and sophisticated, kids’ bedroom decor can give you a bit of design freedom.  A girl’s bedroom in particular, is a great space to flex your design muscle.  My daughter is always so genuinely thrilled and grateful with whatever new addition we make to her room.  It helps that she is easy to please and loves all things girly and pretty.  Her reaction always makes the time and effort worth while.

girl's bedroom decor

We started redecorating our daughter’s room when we were in the midst of other renovations.  It was a place we could give a new paint colour a try to make sure we were on track.  This week, with our ensuite demo scheduled, I finally knuckled down and got the finishing touches done.  Now we are ready for a reveal!  Here are a few easy tips that you can DIY, to show how we pulled off a girly bedroom decor that will grow with her.

girl's bedroom decor

Neutral Palette

Choose a neutral base for the bedroom decor.  (Click here to see warm grey options)  Trending away from beige towards a greyer scheme throughout the house, makes grey is the perfect choice for a girl’s bedroom too.  Adding some soft pastel shades gives the room a feminine and sophisticated touch.

girl's bedroom decor

We choose pink to go with the neutral grey decor.  (Click here to see how to pick the perfect grey).  We incorporated just a splash of pink here and there to add some warmth to the room.  This way we can change the accent colour in the future and update as her tastes evolve.

Keep Furniture Neutral

Transitioning from a little girls’ room to a big girl’s bedroom, choose furniture that will last.  Keep the style and the colour of the furniture neutral so that it doesn’t need to change for a long while.

girl's bedroom decor

We have opted for white furniture to lighten the room and add a classic, timeless touch to the decor.

Wall Decorations

Design your wall decor around your colour scheme.  Choose girly but modern decorations with a sophisticated flare.  Think outside the box and design something asymmetrical with unexpected elements.  This will give the room some character and personality, making it fun and unique.

girl's bedroom decor

We combined some new elements with some old to create our wall decor.  I laid it all out on the floor first to get the right arrangement.  Taking pictures of each layout helped me narrow it down to the right look.

Picking the Right Bedding

Bedding is an important part of any bedroom design.  Choose contemporary bedding that will support your girl’s bedroom design scheme.  Soft colours and subtle patterns will have more staying power than something overly bold and trendy. Add some colour and pizzazz to the bed with easy to change elements like throws and accent pillows.

girl's bedroom decor

Tufted bedding is hot right now.  I selected a bedding set that had the tufted detail, but kept it in a neutral colour for longevity.  A couple of accent pillows (one in pink, of course) and voila!  I am still, however, on the hunt for the right throw!

Dress the Windows

Window coverings are another great way to add colour and texture to a girl’s bedroom.  Soften the room’s decor and enhance the design scheme by choosing window coverings that add a pattern or accent colour.

girl's bedroom decor

I love the arabesque pattern I found on these drapes from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  It is the perfect way to add extra design detail to the space.

Bedroom Storage

Storage is important in every room of the home, but perhaps never more important than in kids’ zones.  Keep that kid stuff under control by adding some well planned storage options to your girl’s bedroom design.  Shelving, bookcases and closet organization are all essential elements to maintain your organizational sanity.

girl's bedroom decor

Ikea has so many great ideas for organization.  We added new shelves, bins and drawer inserts to make sure our daughter could keep things tidy in her bedroom.  Keeping things at their level and easily accessible helps kids to take an active roll in their room’s tidiness.

girl's bedroom decor

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