Bits of my busy life

Life is better in the summer…well that’s what my napkins say anyways.  Life IS better in the summer, I couldn’t agree more!  After a wonderful week away, it’s time to dive back into things but I have to admit that I am not off to a great start.  I know it’s a sign of a great holiday when you’re not ready for it to be over.  Check out a few of the things we were up to on our family’s summer camping vacation.

(My assortment of cute new accessories to beautify our picnic table)

As I struggle with my lagging motivation to get back into design mode, here are a few of my favourite snapshots from our rustic (but not roughing-it!) little getaway.  We hiked, we biked and we enjoyed every bit of it!

(Lots of time spent by the campfire)

(Celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday)

(What’s camping without a little wine?)

(Feeling rested and relaxed)

(This hike was absolutely stunning! The scenery was breathtaking.)

(The kids stopped to build an Inukshuk.  So cute!)

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