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Beat the Summer Heat

It has been HOT outside lately!  Today we have a brief reprieve from what has been about a 9 or maybe 10 day sweltering heat wave, I’ve lost track a bit to be honest…I think my brain is starting to melt, LOL!  We’ve had hot, hot temperatures and there is another batch on the way again after today.  Now for us that means temps in and around the low 30s (that’s Celsius), which for anyone south of the 49th parallel is mid to high 80s and probably not that impressive, but for us around here it’s about as much as we can take!  Air conditioners are roaring, fans supplies are nearly sold out everywhere and outdoor pools and spray parks are packed daily.  So what is the best way to find some relief?  Well here are my top heat beating hacks for keeping cool this summer, with a little bit of design in mind.

1. Block the sun. Keep as much heat out of your house as possible by covering the sun facing windows during the hottest hours of the day.  Don’t resort to tacky tin foil or sheets, get some nice lined drapes or curtains with a white backing to reflect the heat back outside.  Angle your blinds up to keep those rays out too!  You will have to pay a bit more for higher quality window coverings, but it is totally worth it in the long run.

2. Use a fan.  I am not normally a fan of fans, haha, but you really have to do what you need to do in extreme temps like these.  In the cooler evening hours, get those windows open and fans blowing to try to get a cross breeze going if you can.  One cool tip I learned this year is to try and blow the hot air out rather than draw the cool air in.  This can really help with getting that hot air moving.  This stylish, bladeless model is from Dyson.

 3. Dress for the heat.  The best clothes in the heat are thin, lightly coloured, loose and billowy.  This helps with air movement and will wick the heat and moisture away from your body.  I love to hang out in summer dresses on the hottest days and always keep a sunhat close by.

4. Stay hydrated.  On hot days we need to remember to replace lost moisture by having plenty to drink.  Replacing fluids helps keep your body temperature from rising.  Avoid the temptation for alcohol, caffeine and sugar as these will actually dehydrate you…or at least try alternating with something a little healthier to keep you from drying out.  Let’s face it, there’s nothing like a frosty margarita or a crisp glass of rose on a hot day, but here is a delicious and refreshing Watermelon and Cucumber Smoothie recipe that is darn tasty too!

5. Eat light.  Lighter foods like fruits and vegetables are a lot easier for our bodies to digest and will keep you from feeling heavy and sluggish.  Sticking to food with naturally high water levels like watermelon and avoiding greasy, processed foods will also help keep the bloat away.  I tend to stick to a vegetarian diet and am in love with this vegetarian recipe for Pineapple Rice Salad .  It is light and refreshing and I love pineapple so how could I go wrong with this bbq show stopper?

6. Get some sleep.  Sleeping in the heat is one of the hardest things for me to do.  If I can’t get cool, I can’t sleep.  I wind up staying awake too late, tossing and turning restlessly and just generally not getting enough decent sleep.  And without my beauty rest, it’s tough to get through the day ahead!  So ditch those comforters and opt for sheets, get some high quality cotton or linen sheets to help with ventilation while you sleep.  I picked up some Eucalyptus sheets from Bed, Bath and Beyond that are amazing!

7. Take a break.  Sometimes you just need to drop what you’re doing and get away…might be to the backyard for a water fight with the kiddos, the spray park for a splash or a quick trip out of town to a nearby lake.  Staying inside to avoid the heat or wallowing in your overheated misery it is not the way to enjoy summer.  Summer is short, let’s face it…get out there and make the most of it before it’s gone!

Do you have any suggestions for beating the heat this summer?  I would love to hear them, please comment below.

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