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Between both our bathroom design projects, I’ve spent a lot of time lately thinking about bathrooms.  I’m finally down to the finishing touches in our main bathroom, hanging artwork and the final decor pieces.  Somehow those always seem to take the longest!  In the main bath, we were going for a clean, modern look with a touch of farmhouse warmth.  I think we nailed it and fingers crossed, I hope to finally have a reveal in the next week or two.  In the meantime our ensuite demo is set to start next week which has got me thinking again about bathroom design trends for 2018.

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Our ensuite will be a much more ambitious renovation project.  It will include a new stand-up shower, a free standing tub and our walk-in closet.  There will be a lot more bits and pieces to coordinate for this room.  With so many design styles and themes to choose from, we have finally decided on a mostly spa-like decor for this bathroom.  This will give us a fresh look with some wood accents for texture and warmth.

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So with the research done and the comparisons made, I’ve come up with some favourite bathroom design elements I wanted to share.  For any of you who are planning a bathroom build or renovation, here is my list of top 10 bathroom design trends to watch for in 2018.

Bathroom Design Trends 2018

1. Unique Tile Shapes

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Get ready for something interesting!  Tile manufacturers and designers alike seem to really love the new tile shapes that are available on the market.  Say goodbye to subway tiles and traditional tile formats.  Choose instead from arabesque, herringbone, hexagon, diamond, chevron or fish scale patterns in a multitude of colours and textures.  These patterns are a perfect fit for bathroom floors, walls or backsplashes.  Use a unique tile shape to create either a bold design or a subtle contrast in your bathroom decor.

2. Spa Decor

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Life is busy.  Most of us need a place of our own at the end of the day to relax and unwind.  The soft lighting, luxurious showers and deep soaker tubs of a spa-like bathroom can be just what the doctor ordered.  This design tends to focus on soft textures, simple design elements with a touch of greenery added to the mix.  This fresh look combines clean, sleek finishes with natural textures for just the right touch of warmth.

3. Mirrors that Pack a Punch

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Gone are the days of wall to wall, unframed flat builder’s grade mirrors.  Choosing a framed mirror or a mirror in a unique shape can add a beautiful custom detail to your bathroom decor.  Whether it’s a rustic framed mirror or a mirror with some curve to it, expect to see some interesting shapes and styles in 2018 bathroom design trends.

4. Technology in the Bathroom

bathroom design trends via TOTO

There is no escaping technology these days.  High tech gadgets and conveniences are everywhere and are now even making their way into our bathrooms.  Voice activated or one touch buttons can control everything from lighting to water temperature.  In 2018, we can expect to see more touchless flush and self-cleaning toilets, personalized bathroom apps and Bluetooth activated features that link to your Smartphone.  TOTO now offers a toilet with an automatically opening and closing lid, auto flush, heated seat, self-cleaning bowl, a nightlight, all which can be controlled with a remote.

5. Organic Accents

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Neutral decors with whites, greys and warm browns continue to be popular in 2018.  These modern and elegant bathroom designs will see an increase in natural and organic elements to add to the soothing, relaxing feel of the decor.  Accent colours like green and blue, incorporating plants and greenery and using natural materials like reclaimed wood or natural stone are great ways to add an organic accent.

6. Innovations in Ceramics

bathroom design trends via Stephen Alexander Homes

These days there is a ceramic tile out there that can mimic almost anything.  Whether you’re looking for a marble, stone or wood grain look, there is a ceramic tile that can fit the bill.  Ceramic options give you the luxury look you want, the durability you need at a fraction of cost.  Check your local retailers for affordable ceramic alternatives available in up-to-date bathroom design trends.

7. Texture

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Adding texture to your bathroom decor adds a welcome sense of warmth to the space.  Watch for innovations and eye-catching textures in wall paper, tiles, stone and wood accents.  Layering textures adds visual interest and can create a relaxing vibe you can enjoy at the beginning and end of your day.

8. Innovative Storage Solutions

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Our dream bathrooms might be inspired by those expansive, luxury designs, but many of us have to focus on efficiency to make our smaller spaces great.  2018 bathroom design trends include maximizing your storage space to make the most of your bathroom.  There are plenty of innovative and beautiful ways to add storage to your bathroom.  Use your bathroom’s corners, your ceiling height and under counter areas to their full potential.

9. Vanity Lighting

bathroom design trends via Design Trends

There is a significant shift for 2018 bathroom design trends to focus on vanity lighting in the design scheme.  Consideration is being given not only to the style of the light fixtures but to their function as well.  Homeowners are layering their bathroom lighting, even adding dimmers to create a more relaxing atmosphere.  Install wall sconces or small pendants in lieu of traditional vanity lights to add a touch of glamour.

10. Black is Back

bathroom design trends via Maayan Zusman

Black is classic.  Trending for 2018 is using black in greater prominence.  If you’re not feeling bold enough to use it in your tile or on your wall, adding a touch of black in your accents or bathroom fixtures is a great option.


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