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Adding those finishing touches to a room’s decor is exciting…and endless.  You thought picking new flooring was hard?  Just wait until you start shopping for an area rug, LOL!  (…there’s only thousands out there!!)  Once you’re found a few great places where you can shop for that new rug, it’s time to narrow down what to look for.  In between the many trips back and forth to the hockey rink the last couple weeks, I have been trying to knuckle down and find the perfect area rug for our living room.  To keep me on track, I’ve kept a close eye on these 6 hot area rug trends.  Check them out , they will help you bring home the perfect rug for your space. (Children’s bedroom in featured image above via

rug trends via West Elm

6 Hot Area Rug Trends


Tassels and Trimmings

rug trends via Contemporary Furniture Warehouse

Technically tassels are nothing new, especially to rugs.  Embracing the tassel in modern mainstream design, however, is creating refreshing new rug trends.  Tassels add texture to the edging of an area rug, and give your decor a touch of casual elegance.  By keeping the design detail to the edge, tassels allow you to explore different textures, lengths and colours with more confidence.

Vintage Vibes

rug trends via The Home Depot

Vintage pieces can add both personality and warmth to your decor.  Modern and traditional designs alike are elevated to the next level with the addition of a beautiful vintage rug.  To mix the old and new, pare a vintage rug with more modern furniture and keep this look fresh.  Our obsession with modern farmhouse style has had us scouring flea markets, but now there’s an easier way.  Many online retailers offer new pieces with the right mix of faded and slightly-worn looks to deliver the designs that we’re searching for.

Geometric Patterns

rug trends Trellis Pattern via Bed, Bath and Beyond

Add some personality to your space with a bold geometric print.  Whether they are bright and colourful or clean and understated, geometrics are one of the hottest rug trends this year.  Keep an eye out for area rugs with dramatic stripes, a Morrocan trellis or a hexagone pattern…they all pack a great design punch.

rug trends via Style Me Pretty


rug trends via NuLoom

Chevron is another pattern that has been around a long time.  Revitalized a few years ago, this rug trend is hugely popular and makes a real design impact.  Whether you choose a bold, colourful motif or something a little more subtle, chevron is a great pattern choice.  Chevron pairs really nicely with a lot of other patterns like florals and stripes that you may want to integrate into your space.

Colour Combinations

rug trends

Neutrals are a design classic.  Blacks, greys and greige are a popular design staple, especially warm greys.  If you are looking to liven up your neutrals, however, adding a splash of colour is just what you need.  Ombre design is a popular new way to add a touch colour to your decor.  It’s a great way to subtly mix two or more colours to your neutral base and have a real wow affect on your space.

rug trends via Blue Bell Gray

Morrocan Beni Ourains

rug trends via West Elm

This rug trend has been around a while.  What keeps it hanging around?  Well it’s its fuzzy, tonal texture that works so well in so many rooms and with so many different styles.  We just can’t seem to shake it!  This monochromatic tribal pattern uses a lot of creams and beiges, but works great with pops of browns and warm greys to keep things interesting.  This rug design works well with other natural design elements to keep your space grounded.

rug trends

Which rug trend do you fancy most?  Drop me a comment below, I’d love to hear from you!  I’m trying hard to add both colour and pattern to my space.  A new area rug will be a great place to start!!

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