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Renovations come with big wins, little wins and plenty of frustrations along the way. Admittedly we’ve had some big wins… our flooring and carpet is installed, the painting is done, our cabinets are underway. Unfortunately we’ve also faced our fair share of frustrations the last few weeks…cabinet delays and installation issues are at the top of that list. Today, however, I take great satisfaction in a little win. Our kitchen silgranit sink is installed!! (Featured image above via Blanco.com)

Our Blanco Precis U 2.0 Double Undermount Sink in Cinder

Now I did take my own advice and we made alternate living arrangements for the worst of the chaos the past few weeks.  (Click here to see some tips to keep your renovation on track).  We’ve been back at the house full time for only a few days.  Although we didn’t have to suffer the whole time without a sink, it is great to have it hooked up again.  It is intensely satisfying to be able to just turn on the tap and have water at your fingertips. (Big shout out to my hubbie for doing the plumbing until late into the evening last night!! xoxo)

Our Blanco Precis U 2.0 Double Undermount Sink in Cinder

Standing at my lovely new silgranite sink this morning sipping my coffee, I’m not thinking about all the things I should be cleaning and wiping down.  Instead, I am so pleased with our sink choice that I just had to share it with the world.  We have always had stainless steel kitchen sinks and were excited to move into a silgranit option with this new kitchen design.  (Click here to see some great design ideas to keep your kitchen organized and beautiful)  Here are 6 reasons why you should choose a silgranit model for your next kitchen sink.


Silgranit sinks are made of 80% natural granite.  The granite is ground and combined with an acrylic resin formula, then colour pigments are added to finish off the look.  Silgranit sinks are as hard as stone.  This makes them resistant to scratching, chipping and cracking.  The durability of silgranit offers some peace of mind on your sink investment.  Afterall, no one wants to see an ugly gash in their beautiful new sink a few days after installation.

No discoloration

Since silgranit sinks are cast in a single pouring, they are coloured all the way through.  Normal household use does not cause any change in colour to the sink’s surface.  Silgranit sinks’ colour is also fade resistant and remains true over time, even in direct sunlight.

via Red Cottage Chronicles

Easy to clean

Keeping your silgranit sink clean is easy.  A scouring sponge (not steel wool or a metal scrub pad) and water is all that is recommended to remove marks and stains.  No harsh or specialty cleaner needed!  This is important in an age of green living and eco-awareness.  Keep your sink dry and free of mineral deposits to keep it looking its best.

via Home Bunch

Heat resistant

The silgranit sink surface is heat resistant up to 280 degrees Celsius ( or 536 degrees Fahrenheit).  Although certain liquids like grease and oil are not recommended to be poured down the sink, boiling water and hot pots from cooking are no worry at all.

via Pink Little Notebook

Styles and Finishes

This would probably be at the top of my personal list, but there are many styles, sizes and finishes available in silgranit sinks.  Topmount, undermount, single sinks, double sinks, farmhouse sinks…there is something for everyone and every kitchen.  Silgranit sinks are available in 7 different colours from White to Anthracite, which is their version of black.  We chose our sink in Cinder and are happy with the contrast it give against our white quartz counters.

via Southern Hospitality

A lot of thought goes into a kitchen design.  A great product like a silgranit sink can go a long way to make your kitchen both beautiful and functional.  I think that a silgranit sink makes a good investment and will be a great addition to your kitchen.

Do you have a silgranit sink that you love?  I’d love to know which one was right for you.  Drop me note in the comments below.

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