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We just can’t seem to get enough of this modern farmhouse style trend.  It’s everywhere these days, reaching to the far corners of the interior design world.  Whether it’s on magazine covers or HGTV…my personal network obsession… Fixer Upper type shows are on the rise.  Throughout our renovation process, it’s been interesting to see my own design style evolve.  I’ve seen a shift away from my previously polished transitional decor towards the warmth of farmhouse charm.  Although I could dedicate an entire post to explaining the ins and outs of modern farmhouse decor, which I will make a point to do soon, today I am going to touch on some popular modern farmhouse paint colour options.

Mindful Gray via Carl Mattison Design and The Creativity Exchange

I’ve had so many great questions lately about paint colours and making the right colour selection.  It seemed only fitting to drill down to touch on a colour scheme that works for modern farmhouse paint colours too.  Whether you love warm greys or cool greys, there seems to be a place for both in this trend depending on your personal preference.  While we continue to fine tune our final renovation colour scheme, we have already put some of these beautiful colours below into our home and have been thrilled with the result.

Intellectual Gray via Magnolia Homes and Houzz

So without further ado, here are some of my top picks for modern farmhouse paint colours from Sherwin Williams.

1. Eider White


This off-white colour has just a touch of grey to keep it from feeling too stark.  A lighter shade of the incredibly popular Repose Gray, Eider White is a fresh, crisp option that will brighten up your space.  This colour is great for living rooms and bedrooms alike.

2. Mindful Gray


Drawing on the warmer side of gray, this paint colour offers you a slightly taupe-ier option.  Its brown undertones keep it grounded while its gray roots keep it from feeling beige.  Depending on the light colour temperature and exposure of your space, this greige can vary significantly from grey to taupe.

3. Intellecutal Gray


This modern farmhouse paint colour is technically in the cool gray family.  It is nearly as perfect as a neutral can get though, with no significant undertones.  A slightly darker shade to Repose Gray (another very popular option which is by the way our all over house wall colour), Mindful Gray can give you a bit more colour depth when needed.  We opted for Mindful Gray on our new kitchen island cabinets.

Intellectual Gray SW7045 via Magnolia Homes via Houzz

4. Sea Salt


Admittedly I am not generally a fan of green.  This soft green-ish shade, however, has just enough of a gray undertone to make it feel vintage instead of feeling earthy or minty.  It’s a soothing neutral tone that will brighten any space.  Beware warm lighting or southern exposure with Sea Salt, however, as it can be seem a little greener in these conditions.

5. Hinting Blue


This light shade of blue creates a relaxing tone without overwhelming the space with colour.  It keeps the room light and airy but adds just enough of a splash of colour to make an impact.  This could be a lovely paint colour to try in a living room or bathroom, paired with some bright white trim for contrast.

Hinting Blue via Hooked on Houses

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